Safe Selection & Installation

The process of selecting and installing the right safe can be overwhelming to the uninitiated. The task will require some basic skills and tools, which is why you need to hire a professional locksmith in La Jolla.

Locksmith La Jolla has the expertise to provide you with a safe that is most suitable for your needs and budget. It is important to consider what items will be protected by the safe. The process of selecting and installing a lock box in California will vary depending on whether it’s an office or home installation, but the overall process is similar. The professionals in our company is the best you can find.

What Are Different Safe Types

Wall Safes: The most common type of safe is the wall safe. It has a door that slides into place when closed, which can be secured with either a combination or key lock. Floor Safes: A floor safe sits on its side and usually features an electronic locking mechanism in addition to manual locks for security purposes.

Vaults: An even more secure option is a vault, which is designed to withstand forced entry from heavy tools and torches. Vaults are usually found in commercial settings.

Fire Resistant Safes: These are designed to protect documents and other materials from the ravages of fire. These fire safes are very important especially when your business is a company that requires confidential documents. Fire protection is the number one benefit you will get here.

Electronic Lock Box: These are usually installed in homes and businesses, but they can also be found in cars. The lock box is either activated by remote devices or an electronic keypad.

How Do I Know Which Safe Is Right for Me

Size: The first consideration when you purchase is the size of the safe. A homeowner should consider how much space will be available, while a business user must prioritize based on what items need to have extra protection by the box.

Security and Fire Protection: Once you have determined that your needs are met with one type of lock box or another, it’s time to decide which level of security you need. A basic security box can keep out casual thieves, but you need to ask yourself if the items inside are worth protecting against more determined criminals with advanced tools.

Electronic or Key Access: The next choice is between electronic lock boxes and key locks for your safety. It depends on how much you trust employees who have access to the keypad or if you want to have sole control over who has access to your valuables.

Where Should I Install My Safe in My Home or Business

You must select a place that is central to your daily routine. You also need to have enough room around the safe so it’s accessible when you go to open or close the door, but not too much space so someone can try prying it open with tools. A good rule of thumb for floor safes in California homes and businesses is that it should be installed so the handle is at knee height. This will ensure you can open and close the door without too much trouble, which makes using a key lock box more convenient.

What Type of Locksmith Services Does Locksmith La Jolla Offer to Secure Your Valuables

Locksmith La Jolla offers a wide range of locksmith services for safes, from full safe installation, safe repair to less involved tasks such as replacing the lock if you have lost your key. We can also provide repair and maintenance on existing boxes that are not working properly or keys that do not function as they should. We can even help you open your lock box if it’s jammed or broken. Give us a call today!